Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Casey's new business cards!

Over a winter's hot toddy with a friend our conversation veered toward business cards. “Wait a minute… you need to see this…” She handed me a unique square-shaped business card for Birdwalk Press with the impressions of bird tracks in its logo. I loved it! Her son, Ian Johnson and wife Mina, it turns out operate a custom letterpress and design business in Bozeman, Montana. I reached out to Ian right away and the true fun began. At first, I thought of a letterpress front-side and my art printed on the back. Then I thought “why not use my actual artwork for the cards?” From my stacks of work at different stages, I pulled well over two hundred of my prints for Ian to use. Here are the photos of the process and the end result of our work together. It’s been great fun to work with Ian and to see how he does his craft. Every business card is a Casey Blanchard original! All photos courtesy of Birdwalk Press Custom Letterpress +Design

Close-up of the letterpress in action
Used foil
Full shot of letterpress
Magnesium die for foil (press is heated to 240 degF)
Photopolymer plate washing
Artwork cut to size