Monday, March 30, 2015

WSJ article - More Hospitals Use the Healing Powers of Public Art: Hospitals Are Giving Artwork a Higher Priority

Casey would like to share an article, published on Tuesday, August 19, 2014, in the Wall Street Journal about hospitals and art: "More Hospitals Use the Healing Powers of Public Art: Hospitals are Giving Artwork a Higher Priority" by Laura Landro.

To view the article on the WSJ's website, click here.

Monoprint at Fletcher Allen Health Care, South Burlington, VT. South Burlington Staff Offices.

Casey holds membership with two of the reporting organizations cited: the Arts & Health Alliance, as well as the Center for Healthy Design.

This is a rather timely article, as Casey's popularity is growing in the healthcare industry for just this reason, her natural elements and layering of color find themselves organically on trend, according to the research noted: patients are positively affected by nature themes…that convey a sense of security and safety. Casey describes her art as offering contemplation, serenity, color and nature coming together in a visual rest stop.

The article points out "Hospitals aren't shying away from art whose content is open to interpretation or might make patients reflect." Casey's artwork is found to be both appealing and commanding. As Casey puts it, she intends her compositions "to encourage reflection, introspection and exploration. They allow the viewer a space to engage. It's just the viewer and the art in an intimate field of private contemplation."

She has private collections in two major medical facilities, held at both Fletcher Allen Health Care and at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.

Casey Blanchard's art can positively affect an atmosphere in an inviting, colorful and powerful way, whether it is in a medical facility, a hotel, or even a home.

Distinctive Art Source article - "Five Steps to an Integrated Visual Experience"

Casey would like to share an article from Distinctive Art Source's White Paper ("Five Steps to an Integrated Visual Experience", Feb. 25, 2015), that speaks to early involvement of an artist in projects.

"The atmosphere of any public or healing space is of the utmost importance in the finished healthcare project to improve the viewer/patient experience.  All-too-often the artwork that plays an integral part in the space is considered late in the process, sometimes even last.

The creation of that space, starts with a strategy and design which works best when all the team players are involved at the onset.  Here is a well written white paper from Distinctive Art Source, a health care art consultancy I admire, and that has my art in their data base of artwork.  My artwork has been included in many hospitality and healthcare environments.  I welcome the opportunity to work in your design process.  It’s an extra effort but it works, saves time and money, and it’s fun."

~ Casey Blanchard

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Featured Artist in Seven Days article "Local Art Enlivens Hilton Garden Inn"

I am excited to be featured in Seven Days' March 18th publication as one of the artists in a piece ("Local Art Enlivens Hilton Garden Inn") that spotlighted the the artwork in the new hotel, Hilton Garden Inn in Burlington, VT. 

The Hilton Garden Inn, newly opened in Burlington, is a work of art, made so because it features the artwork of many local artists.  I have nearly five hundred pieces throughout the hotel in guest rooms and the lounge areas.  The Hilton Garden Inn has assured every visitor a very Vermont experience.  Here is Seven Days recent piece about the new hotel, where I have been featured.  If you find yourself downtown, stop in the Hilton Garden Inn and see what we all have done.

~ Casey Blanchard

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