Thursday, July 25, 2013

Featured Cover Art and Article for Coffee Talk Magazine - July 2013

I am thrilled to have the featured cover art for the July 2013 issue of Coffee Talk Magazine, in addition to an accompanying article about my coffee cards!

Coffee Cards by Casey Blanchard
Photo by Julia Luckett

Fareed Zakaria said, in order to understand the world, you have to travel and see the world, with your eyes and mind wide open. Experiencing the world of coffee has done just that by introducing me to one of the most humanly engaged, diverse, and vibrant businesses on the planet. Visiting coffee farms and meeting the workers, managers, and owners in dozens of countries, attending SCAA, NCA, CQI conventions and board meetings, and volunteering for Grounds For Health in the remote regions of Mexico has been transformative. The perspective I have gained from my husband, Dan Cox of Coffee Enterprises, has been invaluable. I have been inspired by the commitment of so many to survive and thrive.

While so many in the coffee industry experience challenges, they also have the determination to solve their problems and ultimately put coffee in the cups of consumers. However, there is a part of this industry, possibly the most important, that has the fewest resources to ensure their survival: the very families we count on to grow the coffee. Within those families are women, the very backbone in their communities, who are desperate for opportunities to ensure their basic needs are met. They are the same women that are last on everyone’s lists. I have seen women receiving precious drops of helpful investments and turn it into buckets of thirst quenching solutions. It is powerful and inspiring!

The coffee world has supported my family and friends in so many ways, now I want to give back at the source, to the women and families that bring us coffee. How does this artist give back? I have created coffee note cards for coffee companies to use for retail or as Thank Yous for their clients. The idea is to sell the cards, donate a portion of the sales and help ensure the continuation of valuable programs: Grounds for Health, Food 4 Farmers, and The International Women’s Coffee Alliance.

Please go to my website to learn more about these important nonprofits and to purchase the note cards:


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