Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Upstairs at West Branch

I am pleased to announce that I will be a featured artist in an upcoming exhibit titled "Upstairs at West Branch" at the West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park in Stowe, VT. I will be showing twelve pieces which are selections from my "Key West Bound", "The Promise of Summer" and "Core" series. The show opens on October 5th with and will be up for the remainder of the month. If you find yourself in Stowe, I hope you will stop by the gallery! For more information about the West Branch Gallery and the upcoming exhibit, please visit following link and read the gallery's press release below!


Kay Healy & Casey Blanchard

October, Upstairs at West Branch

First Saturday preview: October 5, 5-6pm,
with Artists' Talks at 5:30pm

For Philadelphia artist, Kay Healy's solo exhibition titled Sublet, the artist's large scale screen printed and sewn fabric panels line the walls of the Balcony gallery, turning it into the fanciful interiors of Philadelphia row homes. Casey Blanchard's vibrantly layered monoprints from two distinct series hang in the Mezzanine gallery.    West Branch Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of these two new shows in our Upstairs at West Branch galleries for the month of October.

Exhibiting for the first time in Vermont, Philadelphia based artist, Kay Healy has been screen-printing, sewing, and stuffing life-sized furniture since 2010. The Balcony gallery at West Branch will be transformed with Healy's life-size room interiors, which draw on photos, memories and most recently, interviews with Philadelphians about their childhood homes to create plush stuffed versions of furniture, mementos and personal belongings. Healy's work investigates themes of transience and the search for stability in an ever-changing world.  These pieces have been exhibited in Philadelphia's City Hall, Moore College of Art, Fleisher Art Memorial, Paradigm Gallery, the Philadelphia International Airport and in a group exhibition in Lorca, Spain.

Shelburne based artist, Casey Blanchard explores memory of place and experience through the engaging and often unpredictable print medium of monoprinting. Her use of color and light makes the images felt, not just seen. She is most interested in the spiritual aspects that emerge in the image, particularly relating to how we live in the world and how the world lives in us. In the beginning the work may be a search for answers, but in the end it's more about being here without them. Intensity of color as well as serene compositions has placed Blanchard's artwork on the walls of health care facilities nationwide as well as corporate offices, the hospitality industry, web designs and various published materials.

Join us the first Saturday of the month for a wine and cheese opening from 5-6pm on October 5th, with informal artists' talks at 5:30pm.

West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park
17 Towne Farm Lane, Stowe VT 05672
802-253-8943 art@westbranchgallery.com

Courtesy of West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park
Courtesy of West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park
Casey with Tari Swenson, owner of West Branch Gallery, in an exhibit room
 of quilted art by Kay Healy from the Philly area.

Key West Bound 77, 2010
16 x 21 mixed media

The Promise of Summer 7, 2009
12 x 12 mixed media/monoprint
Core 3, 2011
18 x 12 mixed media/monoprint
Hiking with friends and pups before the West Branch Gallery opening in Stowe!

Monday, September 2, 2013

"Key West Bound" Exhibit at Spotlight Gallery

I am honored to have recently been a featured artist at Spotlight Gallery, the official art gallery of the Vermont Arts Council. An interesting fact: Vermont has the only state-funded arts program in the country! This is just one of the many reasons why Vermont is such a special place. My exhibit, Key West Bound was on display this summer from July 1st to August 31st. You can now view the Key West Bound series of prints, on my website. Please visit:

The Vermont Arts Council described my exhibit as "bursting with color and texture. It's a treat for art lovers, nature lovers, and anyone who simply loves beauty." The Key West Bound Series is about sense of place and Key West's fragile yet insistent ability to thrive. Key West's rich interconnected web of life is bound by her location set out in the sea, the hurricane and weather patterns, and all manner of visitors - human, flora and fauna. The diverse manifestation of life and beauty make me appreciate the vibrancy and joy of being alive. In creating and sharing these images inspired by Key West, I hope to slow people down, so they really notice, connect, and take care of this special and unusual place.

The Spotlight Gallery is open to the public Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., and is located in the corridor and conference room of our offices at 136 State Street in Montpelier.

Key West Bound 77, 2010
16 x 21 mixed media