Thursday, December 6, 2012

Grand Opening at Dartmouth-Hitchcock

I was thrilled to finally see my work up on the walls of the brand-spanking-new Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center building on Heater Road in Lebanon, NH.

Casey Blanchard, Artist and Elisabeth Gordon, Program Coordinator for DHMC Arts
My art is now featured in their permanent collection and can be seen in the Reception Room on Level 2, right off the Main Entry.

The brand new building

It's really wonderful to be making a niche in the Healthcare Industry. I keep a sticky note by my desk to remind myself that "As artists we cant fix healthcare, but we can mend its spirit"

Thank you to Elisabeth and everyone at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, for recognizing the importance of art in healing environments. I am so grateful that my monoprints will be supportive to patients and staff who find themselves in need of contemplation and inner reflection on the path of healing.

Here is a link to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock website. See what amazing work they are doing!

Meet the New Burlington City Arts Curator

Such a lovely evening and wonderful to meet the top dogs at Burlington City Arts at the opening for Architect and Artist, John Anderson.

Doreen Kraft, Executive Director; DJ Hellerman, Curator; Casey Blanchard, Artist
 Check out Anderson's work here:

And see what else is new with BCA:
Become a member, make a donation, support local art.

"A community without art is a community without a soul."

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Heading Towards Healthcare

IngMar Medical Informational Pamphlet

I am so pleased that my art is finding its way into healthcare. I have decided that this path is one that I want to focus my energies on, and each step is incredibly fulfilling.

I have even created a new tailored statement and resume that is healthcare oriented.

Food 4 Farmers Holiday Benefit

Shelburne News article announces the benefit
We raised a lot of money for Food 4 Farmers, and raised the community's awareness too!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Art at the Coach Barn

The Coach Barn at Shelburne Farms

Casey with fellow artist, Tom Cullins of Burlington
Now showing at Shelburne Farms is the 25th Annual Art at the Coach Barn event, a retrospective that includes over 100 artists and celebrates 40 years of education about a sustainable future.

October 19-Nov 4
Open 10am-5pm daily
$5 Admission, Free to members.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Art Hop

Last weekend was Burlington's South End Art Hop. We debuted the new studio on Pine Street, and what a debut it was! 266 Studios enjoyed it's first Art Hop too, and we were right in the middle of all the action. Live art auctions, a literal art hop-scotch in the parking lot outside, comedy next door and a barbecue or two on the corner. What a great way to kick off the end of summer and celebrate all the great creativity that Vermont houses. We're so lucky!!

Getting ready for Art Hop!! The studio featured lovely roses from our Rose Gardener. The scent was amazing! We shared the studio with Carol MacDonald, Casey's friend and mentor. See more of her amazing monoprints here.  

Printing Press had center stage. Behind it, Carol MacDonald's cards, notebooks and sketchbooks were a huge hit!

It got pretty busy!! Our peanut M&Ms (a staple at any open house) were gone in just a couple hours!

This trendy art lover rushed in at the last minute. She just HAD to have some of Carol's notebooks. They do make perfect gifts. Some are small enough to be stocking stuffers too! The holidays are just around the corner!

Casey and Carol, tired but happy! The first Art Hop in the new space was also the first open house, and it was a huge success!

Even with a thunderstorm and tornado warning on Saturday that cut our afternoon short, the first Art Hop for the new studio was a success. Thanks to our little Square from Apple, we were able to accept credit cards and sold quite a few pieces!

Thanks to everyone who came out for the event! Cant wait to do it all again next year!!

Art Map Burlington

It's good to be part of the Art Map Burlington Artist Database! A great way to get your name and art out there! See my page here.
So honored to be chosen for a little feature article in Art Map Burlington's September Issue!
Three To Watch At the Art Hop: Great publicity!! Thanks Art Map!
If only they'd been able to print Journey 1 in color. Composition is key, but color is the life blood of these monoprints

See the rest of the issue here.

Art on the Cover!!

 That artwork looks familiar!

Thank you to Academic Medicine, September 2012 for using one of Casey's monoprints as your cover art!
The work, Prayer Offerings 9, is part of a series Casey completed in 2008 in response to the Iraq War. I love the use of tone in this one particularly. The green seems to glow from off-center, which creates an interesting relationship between foreground and background. Sometimes I think that blue orbs in the upper half of the print look like openings in hanging moss, where the bright stars are peeking through. What does this print mean to you?

Check out the current issue online here and keep an eye out for October's issue which is coming soon.

If you want to see this art in person, visit the Fletcher Allen Healthcare Radiology Oncology wing where this series is on display.

Sara (Marketing Assistant)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Exhibition at Jackson Gallery

At the Jackson Gallery and Town Hall Theater, starting this Friday, August 24th, my monoprints will be on display and for sale in an exhibition aptly named "Autumn Leaves". 

Ellie Steele, Director of the Jackson Gallery. A fine arts graduate of UNH, Ellie has her own business creating unique tapestries. Check out her work here

The Gallery is open from noon to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Check out my art as well as jewelry by
Bruce Baker and collages by Linda Durkee

The Jackson Gallery has plenty of local talent to keep you entertained and inspired all throughout the fall. Here's the schedule.

 Welcome to Autumn! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Man Who Gave Away 10,000 Roses

The Rose Garden
I met him at a Wisteria (what else!) Garden Party! I quickly discovered that behind his modest and unassuming exterior lay a very generous soul. I learned about his propensity for giving away his homegrown roses.

My girlfriend, Marcella, took me on a little adventure up to his treasure trove. Up a little dirt road, not too far off the beaten path, is the wondrous garden. Roses. Protected from the rain by a light plastic greenhouse, roses flourish. They cover the ground, blooming in all shades of pinks and reds, deep maroon and delicate white. He greeted us with metal buckets and clipping shears in hand. "Get to work!" he told us. I left with buckets full of roses and a few pricker holes in my fingertips.

Casey (Artist) standing with her new Assistant, Sara Kassel
Some of the roses bloomed so large they could have been mistaken for peonies! He gives away thousands of roses every year. And what better than roses to express fond feelings. Beautiful and expressive, roses have always been a signature flower for amorous occasions. Anniversaries, Valentine's Days, any regular day is made special with these voluptuous flowers. I'm convinced that those roses helped to sell my house, which was on the market at the time. 

Inspired by The Rose Gardener's philanthropy and the bounty of the garden, I collected buckets of roses with intentions of capturing their loveliness forever in a monoprint.I plan to entitle the new series: The Man Who Gave Away Ten Thousand Roses.
The Rose Gardener
and his trusty dog, Flea Bag

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Prayer Offerings

Artist, Casey Blanchard and Executive Director of Burlington City Arts, Doreen Kraft, at the opening of the new state of the art Radiation Oncology Wing at Fletcher Allen Health Care Hospital in Burlington, VT. The hospital purchased the 9 piece monoprint series "Prayer Offerings" to benefit the patient experience.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

VTica Gallery Opening

 Take a beautiful drive to Vermont's newest gallery in the historic town of Chester, 
Vermont Institute of Contemporary Arts, VTica
Featuring 4 artists this month including yours truly!

 Abby Raeder, Executive Director of VTica (left)
Robert Sarly, President of VTica (center) 
Casey Blanchard, Artist (right)
Puttin on the Dog 
Artist, Jack Dowd
A favorite of Dan and mine, this little guy is sittin' at the front counter of the gallery. 

 Mani Stone 2
Artist, Casey Blanchard

What Lies Beneath
Artist, Casey Blanchard

Cuba 2012

Last month, my husband and I traveled to Cuba with an educational group, 
Cross Cultural Journeys. 

One of the highlights for me was visiting
 ISA Universidad De Las Artes, an art school in Cuba. 
The design of the school was inspired by male and female anatomy.